Pediatric Dentistry:

Here at Optimal Dentistry, we cater to all ages and we highly recommend bringing in your kids getting their yearly routine check up. It is the most important way to invest in the future of your children’s smile. We provide services such as mouth guards and sealants to protect your kid’s pearls.

How to get your kids to brush their teeth:

There are multiple ways you can make teeth brushing fun for kids. Here are some of our suggestions:

Pick a fun toothbrush/toothpaste:

Let the kids be a part of the process and be involved in making decisions. Take your kids to the store and have them choose a fun toothbrush and toothpaste that they would be excited to use. There are tons of fun toothbrushes and different colorful and flavorful toothpastes. Also, changing toothbrush every three months is recommended; therefore, your kids will not have time to get bored of their new fun brush!

Do it together!

Kids love to imitate their parents! Be a part of their routine by brushing your teeth at the same time. Get in front of the mirror with your child and do it together. This way, you can demonstrate to them the right way to do it and get your teeth in check as well. It’s a win win!

Reward them!

You know what drives them. Use it! Whether it’s a toy, a story, or a sticker, staying an extra 10 minutes awake, reward your child when good brushing occurs. You can print out a calendar and add fun emojis daily depending on the level of brushing achieved for the day!

Make it fun:

Turn up some music and dance around while brushing. Make it the most fun 4 minutes of the day. Get your kid so excited for this activity.


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